Thermal performance that exceeds U.S. air and water standards, providing you with a competitively priced solution.

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About Us

For fifty years, Akotherm GmbH has been a trusted name in Europe as a leading manufacturer of high-quality and high-performance curtain wall, aluminum windows, entrances, and skylights, and has seen its products installed all across the Middle East, Asia, and North America. Comprehensive comprehensive product range encompasses Curtain Wall, Window Wall, Doors, Windows, Sliding Doors, Folding Doors, Sliding Doors, and glass handrailing. Systems.
Akotherm US, is bringing the high performance and exceptional quality that has been expected of high-end German engineered and manufactured products and introducing that to the American market. Based in Westfield Massachusetts, and partnered with Aluminum Profile Systems and ERD Metals, Akotherm US is a full-service engineered systems solutions provider. As such, we offer the very best in custom extrusion services, providing architects with customizable options in terms of sizes, shapes, and finishes.

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Consulting Services

As a manufacturer with a vast global portfolio encompassing thousands of projects, we excel at facilitating collaboration between architects, consultants, and clients to realize concept schemes that meet expectations, maintain feasibility, uphold cost-effectiveness, and adhere to industry standards.
This process might entail:
•Engaging with architects and clients to refine the building envelope according to the project’s schematic design.
•Conducting value engineering optimizations as necessary.
•Refining the schematic design by integrating precise elements identified through comprehensive project team reviews.
•Establishing and finalizing structural, thermal, acoustic, and other performance parameters for the building.

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Engineering Expertise:

Specializing in façade engineering, we address aesthetic, environmental, and structural concerns to achieve optimal building enclosure.
Our engineers collaborate with design teams on various construction projects, ensuring performance, safety, and aesthetic excellence.
We oversee design, certification, fabrication, and installation of building façades, prioritizing material performance, structural integrity, weathertightness, and maintenance.

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Design Solutions:

Our meticulous attention to detail drives innovative façade constructions that offer superior protection and aesthetics.
With years of technical expertise, our profile systems are tailored for practical application, ensuring quality and innovation in every project.

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