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We develop and expand our product range in constant exchange with our customers – the metalworkers, planner, and architect. That’s why we can continuously offer innovations from the field for the field and furthermore guarantee the high quality of our products. In addition to extensive service in cooperation, we also guarantee an extensive guarantee on our products. 

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We are interface with the Architect and other team consultants to assist in the development of concept schemes which meet the client’s expectations whilst being buildable, affordable, and within industry capabilities. It can be broadly elaborated in following sub-stages –

  • Assisting the Architect and client in finalization of the building envelope based on schematic design of the project
  • Optimization for the value engineering of the proposal if needed
  • Updating the Schematic design by adding precision elements based on the review meetings with the projects team
  • Determination and finalization of the structural, thermal, acoustic, and other performance parameters for the building
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Building façades are one of the largest, most important elements in the overall aesthetic and technical performance of a building.  Façade engineering is the art and science of resolving aesthetic, environmental and structural issues to achieve the effective enclosure of buildings. Our engineers are specifically qualified in the discipline of façade engineering and consultants work with the design team on construction projects for architects, building owners, construction managers and product manufacturers.

We consider aspects such as the design, certification, fabrication and installation of the building façades with regards to the performance of materials, aesthetic appearance, structural behavior, weathertightness, safety and serviceability, security, maintenance and build ability.

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Great Ideas can often be found in small things. Details that really are decisive for product quality and innovation. Façade constructions are very important parts of a building that provides protection of the people inside against weather conditions. We offer you more than well thought-out profile systems. They are the result of years of technical expertise in interlocking structures. In every case oriented to practical application.

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